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Spaghetti with Beef Mushroom Sauce

June 12, 2010


Fully Loaded Potato Salad

December 30, 2009

OK – I can’t find the full-blown recipe I wrote up after making this off the top of my head one day, so I can’t give you exact measurements. What I can give you is the list of ingredients & rough amounts and you can adjust them to your liking.

Organizationally Challenged

December 28, 2009

If you noticed the ‘Starvation Cures’  link on the right menu the last couple of weeks, you probably know that I have been trying to create a new page for a specific category of posts. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and often get asked to share recipes. Instead of transcribing for each person who asks, I had hoped to have a page where I could post food-specific stuff. (Let’s not kid ourselves – it would also make for a great, handy reference for me to keep my favorites easily accessible regardless of where I may be and offer a great way to solicit feedback from fellow foodies.)

Unfortunately, WordPress has decided that I can’t do that. Posts are chronological and pages are static. In other words, their world has poorly developed rules of design and organization. Instead, their solution is for me to use categories. Here’s where my OCD kicks into high gear. You see, there aren’t enough categories in the world to satisfy me. And even if I use new categories, all my food posts will still appear on the homepage. NOT what I wanted.

When I started this blog, I included tags on the initial posts. This fell to the wayside quickly as I found I couldn’t limit myself to only a few useful tags per post. So instead, I’ve tried to ensure each of my posts fits into a single category. I guess I can (and probably will) create a category for food. But it’s not what I want. So while I continue to ‘Fumble’ to figure out how to implement the format I’d prefer, I’ll resort to the duct-tape category solution. I hope those of you interested in recipes and my cooking adventures enjoy the new content. And for those of you who aren’t into that kind of blogging, I hope the ‘Starvation Cures’ category is clear enough in the posting to keep from wasting your time. If not, well, blame WordPress and my limited web development skills. In the meantime, maybe a cookie will distract you.