Fully Loaded Potato Salad

OK – I can’t find the full-blown recipe I wrote up after making this off the top of my head one day, so I can’t give you exact measurements. What I can give you is the list of ingredients & rough amounts and you can adjust them to your liking.

Red potatoes (diced to bite size and boiled until *almost* fork tender – they continue to cook after you drain & rinse them and they need to keep some firmness so they don’t mush when mixing).

Equal parts Mayo and Sour cream (This is the key to keeping it from tasting like mayo covered potatoes. Just remember to mix it in gently so as not to mash the potatoes).

Bacon – Fried until chewy/crisp and then roughly chopped. I like thick cut bacon best. I also like applewood smoked bacon. Use what you like.

Cheddar cheese (A good one, I like fresh shredded – it really does make a difference.)

Hard-boiled eggs (I like mine with lots of egg, but this is a personal preference thing. If you’re unsure, start with about 1 egg for every pound of potatoes.)

Green onions (finely diced – don’t forget to replant the white root end in a pot of dirt in your window sill. It regrows within a couple weeks and saves you from having to buy more. Plus you get that warm and fuzzy feeling for growing your own food and saving a few pennies.)

Salt, pepper, and celery seed (Be sure to use enough salt – it helps bring out the flavor of the potatoes. Use no more than half as much pepper as you do salt. Same goes for celery salt.)

Construction is pretty self-explanatory. Boil potatoes, rinse gently in cold water, and mix in the rest of the list. GENTLY! Stuff it in the fridge for a few hours so the flavors get all friendly and the consistency thickens (thank the starch in the potatoes). Then dig in! Let me know how yours turns out.

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