Sweet (& Savory) Dreams

My nightmare last night involved not being able to find the Williams-Sonoma where I was supposed to pick up my Thanksgiving turkey. By the time I finished calling every store in the area, it was 4pm on Thanksgiving day, people were supposed to be arriving for dinner, and I was still rummaging through store shelves trying to find the most defrosted turkey legs while contemplating how much bacon grease to use when basting since there was no time left to brine.

I am INCREDIBLY grateful (and my family should be happy to know) that in real life, the turkeys for Thanksgiving were ordered last weekend (though I’m still waiting on confirmation when & where exact pick-up will be), there will be ample time to brine (fridge space is up for debate), and there is NO need for me to begin stockpiling bacon grease to baste the turkey. (Who does that? Why would my mind even go there??)

On second thought, bacon-basting might be an interesting idea. . .

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One Comment on “Sweet (& Savory) Dreams”

  1. DH Says:

    and you didn’t order from Williams Sonoma

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