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The Holiday Spirit

December 14, 2009

I don’t typically DO Christmas music (most of it is lame, cheesy, and repetitive), but I’ll make certain exceptions at times. This time, it’s for the Sweedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal performing “Carol of the Bells” – one of my favorite songs of the season. They are in rare and perfect form in this skit lasting less than 90 seconds.

Please enjoy. I can only hope it makes you laugh as hard as it does me. Every time I watch it. Poor Beaker.

Wandering Pleasures Continued

December 3, 2009

Kristen Wiig Reads the Poems of Suzanne Somers – Yes, the same Suzane Somers that brought us the ThighMaster. I had no idea she also wrote poetry. If what she wrote is indeed considered poetry. Wow. Just watch and savor this one. Astounding.

Mostly Grocery – a collection of short, (mostly) humorous stories told by a grocery store worker.

Autocomplete Me – In case you needed reassurance that the rest of the world is MUCH more messed up than you are. People need to remember that they are using Google – not a therapist subject to Dr/Patient confidentiality laws.

High Society

August 27, 2009

Oh, get off your high horse. Some stereotypes exist for a reason. This is one of them.

People of Walmart

(Many thanks to Six for sharing.)


August 25, 2009

I got a great giggle out of this new-to-me site I intend to follow. It’s entertaining and extols the importance of knowing when it’s appropriate to use quotes – Unnecessary Quotes

And in the category of  “I Totally Know That Feeling” is a video shared by BubbleGal as a followup to The Rainbow Lady.

And in other news, I’ll be heading off to a decadent tropical vacation soon. My husband and I are happily celebrating our 10th anniversary. (Isn’t that pretty close to a decade?? Can’t be. I don’t think I’m old enough!)

Since I recognize the economy is tight and vacations may be scarce, I fully intend to post periodically allowing you to live vicariously through me.  Or at least that’s what I’ll call it.  “Bragging” would just be rude. (Do you like how I accurately used quotes in that last one?)

So without further ado, the countdown to liftoff is ON! (Are you as giddy as I am??)

More For Your Wandering Pleasure

August 11, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve provided you with some true procrastination material. I don’t want to lose my reputation so here you go. (Listed in order of child-appropriateness starting with “not really” and ending with “it has a picture of a penis so just don’t go there with little Sally nearby.” You’ve been warned.) Enjoy!

If anyone thinks the decline of print media is unjustified, I recommend a scroll through some incredibly entertaining headlines.

Probably Bad News

Ever wanted to reply to that stupid online listing or that customer that desperately begs for a reality check without realizing it? Better yet, do you enjoy watching someone just mess with people? For some incredibly distasteful hilarity, check out “emails from an asshole” at:

And thanks to someone in the Netherlands, we can now add a new topic for therapy – ePenis envy. The internet is now complete.

What’s the size of your Twitter e-Penis?

(Mine’s 52.5cm and I think that’s perfectly respectable considering I know so few of my followers. Seriously, who are these people?!?)