More For Your Wandering Pleasure

It’s been a while since I’ve provided you with some true procrastination material. I don’t want to lose my reputation so here you go. (Listed in order of child-appropriateness starting with “not really” and ending with “it has a picture of a penis so just don’t go there with little Sally nearby.” You’ve been warned.) Enjoy!

If anyone thinks the decline of print media is unjustified, I recommend a scroll through some incredibly entertaining headlines.

Probably Bad News

Ever wanted to reply to that stupid online listing or that customer that desperately begs for a reality check without realizing it? Better yet, do you enjoy watching someone just mess with people? For some incredibly distasteful hilarity, check out “emails from an asshole” at:

And thanks to someone in the Netherlands, we can now add a new topic for therapy – ePenis envy. The internet is now complete.

What’s the size of your Twitter e-Penis?

(Mine’s 52.5cm and I think that’s perfectly respectable considering I know so few of my followers. Seriously, who are these people?!?)

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One Comment on “More For Your Wandering Pleasure”

  1. sixofclubs Says:

    re: ePenis — mine is much smaller than yours. However, if I notice a follower who is clearly spam, I just delete them. I like to think that quality is better than quantity in this circumstance (I sound like a boy)

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