I got a great giggle out of this new-to-me site I intend to follow. It’s entertaining and extols the importance of knowing when it’s appropriate to use quotes – Unnecessary Quotes

And in the category of  “I Totally Know That Feeling” is a video shared by BubbleGal as a followup to The Rainbow Lady.

And in other news, I’ll be heading off to a decadent tropical vacation soon. My husband and I are happily celebrating our 10th anniversary. (Isn’t that pretty close to a decade?? Can’t be. I don’t think I’m old enough!)

Since I recognize the economy is tight and vacations may be scarce, I fully intend to post periodically allowing you to live vicariously through me.  Or at least that’s what I’ll call it.  “Bragging” would just be rude. (Do you like how I accurately used quotes in that last one?)

So without further ado, the countdown to liftoff is ON! (Are you as giddy as I am??)

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3 Comments on “Mishmash”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Where did you decide to celebrate?

  2. sixofclubs Says:

    1) Thank you for the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotes. I am enjoying it.
    2) I wonder how that woman feels about this video being online for all to see.
    3) Yes you are old enough. I can say that because I passed the decade mark 2 years ago. Congrats to you both!
    4) I’ll believe it when I see it. But will enjoy being proven wrong.
    5) No.

  3. BubbleGal Says:

    But the most interesting part of the video is that she never got the lawn mower started or mowed the lawn. Which is consistent with my general observations that people will expend far more energy getting mad and throwing tantrums, than would be necessary to do what they are avoiding with the tantrum, i.e., start the lawn mower and mow the damn lawn. This is a law of human behavior that is applicable for the 98 years between the ages of 18 months to 99.5 years.

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