Silence is Golden

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a restroom in an eatery near my home. I entered the restroom which had 4 stalls and took an obviously open one. I was silent (as one should be in a restroom) and proceeding about my business when I heard a sound from the stall next to me.

What could that be? It isn’t! No! It’s a cell phone ringing. And is that rummaging I hear? No! Please tell me it’s not!

Yes folks, SHE DID IT! She answered the phone while in the stall doing her own business! And she had a conversation that all could hear without any consideration for other occupants or the person on the phone. This didn’t even sound like an important conversation. Not a long-lost friend, an emergency with the kids, or even plans for the afternoon. It was a casual conversation. I was dumbfounded and knew I should do something quickly. So I flushed. Then I smiled knowing there was no way the other person would want to continue a conversation and she would now be mortified. Nope, she kept on conversing then flushed and exited her stall.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then proceeded to the only sink to wash her hands (one at a time so she could hold the phone and not interrupt the conversation) while the rest of us stood in line watching her futile and inconvenient attempt to multi-task. Some people are just oblivious to those around them.

Please, don’t ever call me while in the restroom or answer my call while you’re preoccupied with the same. I promise to be understanding when you return my call only moments later.

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