Yech! Ow-Ten-Tick Mexican Food

Because of my primal dislike of cilantro, I was sad to learn that this “herb” has been recently discovered and embraced by Don Pablos. They are by no means an authentic Tex-Mex restaurant, but a satisfactory option offering a welcome & necessary flavor on the menu of chain restaurants. I guess now I either have to find a new chain (Rio Grande isn’t bad at all) or get picky with my food (“No guac, no cilantro, extra sour cream, no-fat, half-caf, double soy, don’t you just hate me? . . .”) Too bad picky tends to leave customers also picking out the dirt from their annoying and complicated custom requests.

I Hate Cilantro

While I agree with the sentiment of the site (COMPLETELY agree), I’m concerned at the number of people who appear to have, at some point, tasted soap not only on its own, but on a variety of inedible items. Maybe they should consider being less picky in restaurants. Still, I think the site is quite enjoyable and brings a welcome smile.

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One Comment on “Yech! Ow-Ten-Tick Mexican Food”

  1. The Niche Says:

    Okay, see, I love cilantro.


    I went to 3, yes, 3, garden centers to find cilantro to grow in my backyard. Yum. I think I will go and clip some right now.

    Love it.

    I need to hear about the spoon incident, and for the love of all that is holy, has anyone ever made the mistake of assuming that Allspice and Season All are the same? Seriously? Season All is a blend, Allspice is one thing.

    And there you have 3, 3, 3 comments in one.

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