Gratitude Challenge – Day 10

Let’s hear it for days off! Can I get a whoop whoop? Yeah, yeah. I know I missed yesterday, but maybe it was on purpose (it wasn’t). You know, to show you how grateful I am for people who don’t mind when others take a day off (either that or I was just dead beat by the end of the day & week and got around to bed before I got around to posting). And today, I’m excited to be only 1 day in to a long weekend. There is much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving and a 3 day weekend is much appreciated. Plus, taking an extra day off from the usual routine does wonders for the soul. The end of the year is coming and things are going to start getting hectic. Even if you can’t take and entire day off, do yourself a favor and take a few hours to be unscheduled. You’ll be glad you did!

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