Be Prepared, You’re Fodder

If you got here by way of That Other Blog taking aim at me for my family’s preparedness, I’m going to venture a guess that you’re NOT prepared. Otherwise, you’d have put her in her place through the comments and never had a second thought about my motives or status.

For those of you unprepared, take a few minutes to poke through this site for some ideas. I’m sure you’ll only pick a few convenient things to do which also works in my favor. In the beginning, I believe there will be significant “fodder” resulting in large zombie populations, but I’ll need more people to survive longer to ensure an adequate, ongoing “fodder” supply while the initial people affected are eliminated. In other words, when they come after my family (because no level of preparation will be sufficient to completely eliminate the need to “get away quickly”), I’m going to need reassurance that there’s someone I can outrun.  It’s that old adage that I don’t need to be able to outrun my predator, just the other people around me.

Welcome to the Zombie Preparedness Initiative!

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2 Comments on “Be Prepared, You’re Fodder”

  1. DHCruiser Says:

    Did you just indirectly quote rule #1? Cardio! Of course, I also know you do not practice cardio for any reason, so does that make you survivor or fodder?

  2. Christy Says:

    Instead, I practice “limber up” in the form of yoga. Once the infestation begins, I won’t get to do this with the accompanying mat, soothing music, or pretty candles, but the dim lighting will probably still be an component. I’ll also probably have to run at some point which will make me angry, but it’ll be acceptable under my personal rule which states I only run if I’m being chased by someone I can’t take in hand-to-hand combat. Now if only I could find bottled water that doesn’t expire. . .

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