A Little Help For the Holidays

For those of you having some trouble finding the perfect last minute gift, check out these ideas. If you act fast, you may still be able to get them delivered quickly leaving enough time to wrap the little delights and place gently under the tree.

15 Strange and Bizarre Gifts For The Weirdos In Your Life

And for those considering it, if you buy me the freeze-dried squirrel feet earrings, please remember what they say about paybacks. I should also note that I’ve actually purchased #9 for a pre-teen boy. It was a hit for him and terrified the cats. I considered it a win overall.

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2 Comments on “A Little Help For the Holidays”

  1. sixofclubs Says:

    I know someone who ordered #15 and tried it out. Apparently it wasn’t all that easy to use, but it did, in fact, work. I think I’ll stick to squatting or hovering myself.

  2. DHCruiser Says:

    I can think of someone we both know for #2.

    #7 looks like fun, but impractical.

    #9 was funny…that cat nearly had a heart attack.

    #11 should come with a “How to get along in prison” guide for that next stage in a kids life. Ah, I guess I shouldn’t say that. Someone has to grow up to be the tattoo artists of the world. hehe

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