I’ve Learned . . .

. . . that the value of my car (in my eyes) is directly proportional to the functionality of the (arguably horrible, but to date livable) iPod adapter. This value is only minimally improved by the good gas mileage and butt warmers. Yesterday, the iPod adapter gave up and I am hopeful that there is still some warranty remaining that will require the dealership – who installed it initially – to repair it or buy back the car.

I vote they buy back the car and I get a new one with a better iPod interface. Two plus hours in the car everyday demands more than just radio-offered entertainment. Gas mileage and butt warmers are not entertaining.

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2 Comments on “I’ve Learned . . .”

  1. sixofclubs Says:

    I am SOO with you on the value of the iPod adapter. When the damned thing gets “fixed”, it is only days (maybe weeks) before it breaks again. It is endlessly annoying! I am currently debating if it is worth the very high cost of getting an aftermarket stereo with the desired pod functionality and not dealing with this crap anymore.

  2. Christy Says:

    When I dropped the car off this morning, I begged the guy at the dealership for any other option that would allow me a “standard audio input” instead of their iPod specific version. He had nothing for me.

    Sadly, the rental car I get during my warranty repairs includes a generic audio input in a convenient location. And it’s not even a great rental car. Humph!

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