Tissue? But I hardly know you!

Note to the “gentleman” I saw driving down 495 in the Geek Squad car the other day:

You are not invisible and your car windows are not tinted. While you may be alone in the car, your actions are not “private” and are actually quite visible to all other drivers around you. Because you were driving the company car, the company name, logo, and colors were prominently advertising your services – a mobile billboard of sorts. It’s really gross to think that you after you finished picking your nose (we’re talking deep tissue massage here), you stopped to work on someone’s computer in the comfort of their home. You’re an employed adult who is apparently responsible enough to have car insurance covering you while driving the company car on-the-clock. Please do us all a favor and grab a tissue. Maybe even some allergy medication might help to quell that runny nose.

Just Eww.

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