A sign from above?

Part of my daily commute includes a stretch of road which is being expanded to accommodate the growing population. Today on this road, I noticed one house in particular that has been marked with “DEMO” in bright spray paint, indicating its impending destruction. This is not really a surprising site as the house appears older, not large or ornate, and mostly out of place (it even included a make-shift cable extending through the air from the nearest electric pole and connecting directly to the outside of the house). Like I said, this house was prime for demolition when it came time to expand the road.

Sadly, the one thing about this demolition that bothers me is the likely demolition of the tulips beginning to sprout along the front length of the house. Their leaves are thick and standing tall. Someone probably worked hard to plant the large number of bulbs and sadly, won’t be there to see them bloom this year.

Tulips have such a small window in the spring and can be so fickle. I wonder, if I had been the one moving, would I have dug up the bulbs to take with me knowing that there would be no new residents to enjoy them upon my departure?It just seems so futile for the bulbs to go to the effort of sprouting just because they can’t read the giant “DEMO” marked on the wall above them.

I’m hoping the weather this weekend is kind enough to allow me a trip to the new local nursery followed by an afternoon beautifying my garden. I’m not planning to “demo” the house anytime soon so it seems appropriate.

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One Comment on “A sign from above?”

  1. V Says:

    I have to say I was sad to leave my daffodils and grape hyacinths behind at my old house, but hopefully the new homeowners are enjoying them.

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