Just Say “No”

Today I attended a “local” conference (5 mile drive followed by a 75 minute train ride then a 10 minute cab ride). Needless to say, this required an early rise – 5am to be specific. Since I still had to drop The Kid at school, I also had to wake her at about the same time. It goes without saying that she was less than chipper (I don’t blame her at all). When her regular bedtime rolled around this evening and I said my “Good Nights,” she asked if she could please go to bed earlier tomorrow because she is “soooooo tired.”

This, from the kid who asks for seconds of broccoli, requests “healthy snacks” instead of candy bars, and enjoys flossing to keep her teeth clean.

You’ll get a similar sentiment from Mrs. Claire who, when watching The Kid at age 3 one afternoon, was ever-so-politely asked “Can I please jump on the couch?”

Some things just go without saying and THIS is why it pains me sometimes to have to tell her “no.” Bedtime tomorrow will be whenever she wants.

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