I’ll take the apple streusel

Happy Pi Day everyone!

On the way to drop The Kid at school today, I tried to explain the concept of “pi.”Given she’s in first grade, her comprehension of such mathematical concepts is not quite to the level needed to understand the significance of pi let alone make the leap to equate it to a calendar date. Still, I explained that it’s (so far) a never ending number and suggested she wish her teacher a “Happy Pi Day.” I also told her that I hope that the day won’t be never-ending.

“Mom, you’re just being silly.”

I wish I was. Today is the last Friday of work before a week-long Caribbean vacation. There is no day longer than the one immediately preceding a much anticipated trip. There are still many things to do, including the dreaded wrap-up at work as well as the much-awaited Spring Pedicure. Yes folks, the summer feet are making their debut this weekend and what better “coming out” celebration than a cruise to the Caribbean? A perfect justification to bring out the strappy sandals!

Also while I’m away, the TV line-up will begin it’s return as well. Hopefully, the number of useless reality and game shows will drop drastically leaving us with shows containing actual plots and twists and THOUGHTS to be enjoyed. Specifically, will Meredith wake her ass up and commit to Derek already? Will ER ever realize that we’re only watching because we’ve been in it this long and don’t want to abandon the legacy, but really – how much longer can we be expected to devote our late night Thursdays being reminded that Ross and Dr. Greene will never return? I miss Carol and it’s just not the same watching her as a cut-throat lawyer. We’ll have to see what the new season brings.

And with that, I bid you a fond farewell. When I return, it’ll be spring. I hope it’s a mild one with many beautiful days, thunderstorms, and bright flowers. Enjoy the week off!

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One Comment on “I’ll take the apple streusel”

  1. sixofclubs Says:

    I can’t offer any favors, but do wish you well on your trip. I am glad to know you are coming out in honor of your Spring trip… it is very appropriate. Your feet that is.

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