Gratitude Challenge – Day 7

So apparently, we have a Nor’easter heading this way. For those of you not from around the “nor-east,” this means the weathermen have themselves all in a tizzy, predicting freaky cold temperatures and exorbitant snowfall that will likely never materialize because it gets stuck in the mountains. This happens frequently, yet they still get excited. It’s like a little kid seeing the “Free Puppies” sign at the market knowing full-well that his parents will never in a million years let him have one, but still he begs and cries, and oohs and ahhs.

What we will get is cold. Very cold. And we might see a flurry. Three, if we’re really lucky. And The Kid will wish with all her might that school will be closed tomorrow, or at least delayed. (Neither will happen, but I’ll let the weather dash her hopes. I prefer using chores to crush her spirit. At least that’s what she would tell you.)

But I digress. All of this brings me to my reason to be grateful today. You see, I had to go downtown for work which means driving to the metro station, walking outside to the train, then walking several blocks to the building where my meeting was held, and then doing the exact same in reverse. And it was COLD (like 40 degrees, which is half as many degrees as I generally prefer). Especially cold with the biting wind. And I can’t stand to be cold.

As I was in my car leaving on my last leg home, I noticed all the construction workers busing digging, and shoveling, and carrying heavy things. In the COLD. In that moment, I was ever so grateful to have a job in a climate-controlled office. I am grateful for the ability to add onto that a space-heater under my desk to keep extra toasty on days like today and the colder ones yet to come.

If you’re warm and you haven’t already done your challenge for the day (and even if you have), take a moment to be grateful for the all those who work tirelessly, year-round, regardless of the weather conditions to keep society running. They are truly unsung heroes. There aren’t enough scarves, fuzzy socks, and butt-warmers in the world to get me to do those jobs in the cold. I’ll think of them as I enjoy my roasted chicken tonight and hope they have the same waiting when they get home tonight. And you, too!

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