Gratitude Challenge – Day 3

Today I’m grateful for old things. Don’t look so shocked – I’m not talking about old people. Those still hold a “special” place I’m my, ummm, heart . . .? No, I’m talking about the afternoon I spent antiquing with one of my oldest of friends (because I’ve known her a long time – not because she’s old). We ooooh-ed and aaaahh-ed and laughed and talked and imagined all the crafty things we could do with old things. I fed my odd obsession with old bottles (they were on sale – how could I not??) and I embraced the upcoming holiday season with glittery fake flowers and a gold sparkly squirrel Christmas ornament for The Kid (I wisely bypassed the one that looked as if it might have been an actual living, breathing squirrel at one point in time). These are only a few of the old things for which I’m grateful.

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