Some More Things I’ve Learned

(And some things I already knew, but thought I should share.)

  1. Bugs apparently come in very defined cycles. Early spring brought mosquito hawks, followed by many varieties of bees, and now we’re into horseflies and grasshoppers.  Spiders have yet to subside.
  2. I left a patch of milkweed alone on the side of the house in case we had monarch butterflies in the area. (I hear they’re nearing extinction levels and I don’t want to be part of that). DH spotted a cocoon on the deck railing yesterday and was able to confirm it’s a monarch.  I now feel reassured in keeping this weed.
  3. We originally thought our farm was used for dairy cows which explained the thick, lush grass. I now think it was used as a military testing ground for methods of genetically manipulating and using radioactive technologies to expedite the growth of unknown weeds. So much for organic farming?
  4. Our property is 10 acres and just under 1/5th of an acre of it has been designated as a fruit/vegetable garden. You’d think it would be easy to keep the weeds in check in this “small” area. You’d be wrong.
  5. Weeds should not be taller than my head when mowing. Many are.
  6. It’s easier to weed garden beds AFTER it’s rained.
  7. Colorado Potato Beetles are gorgeous. And their guts are deep orange. (Don’t get sappy on me, they eat the potato plants!)
  8. Parasitic wasps are cool. Even the lost one marching determinedly in wide circles in the garden while carrying a caterpillar 3 times its size. Since it refused to stop to ask for directions, I’m assuming it was male
  9. While I know that the big, fat, terrified mouse was desperate for the cover of the tall grass I was trying to mow, his life will be greatly extended if he learns to run FROM the sound of the mower instead of TOWARD it. (Note to the squeamish – I saw no guts and think he made it to safety. This time.)
  10. Professionals shower in the morning – before their day begins. Farmers shower at the end of the day and pray the mud and bugs don’t clog the drain. When I do both, the farmer side trumps. I also find myself scrubbing red dirt off my hands, arms, legs, shoes, walls, light switches, counter tops, and any other visible or invisible surface non-stop. I actually contemplated vacuuming outside the other day. Think the Dyson can handle it?
  11. DH picked the first “harvest” of green beans Sunday. This was a full meal worth of beans that were bright, fully grown, and quite tasty. The scary news is that this was just barely the tip of the harvest yet to come. It’s a good thing because, so far with the mortgage and bills, these are proving to be the most expensive green beans I’ve ever bought.
  12. Aside from being literally covered in grasshoppers, sweat, and red clay dust while mowing the tallest of weeds, I’m still loving this adventure. (Really, it’s just the part where I’m covered in grasshoppers that bothers me. It’s “horror movie creepy” feeling.)
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One Comment on “Some More Things I’ve Learned”

  1. sixofclubs Says:

    You thought you were going to be a farmer, but as it turns out, you are turning into an entomologist. Hopefully it helps in the farming!

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