That Picture’s Not Even Worth 250 Words

Dear Elementary School & the Inept School Photographer,

I purchased your obligatory, over-priced school pictures of my child in the fall when you sent home the order form. When you sent me another order form in the spring, I laughed at you and said I wasn’t going to buy another set.

You may have noticed that I didn’t return that form, nor did I send my child to school decked out for pictures on that second picture day. If you look at the giant stack of pictures you took it upon yourself to print and send me automatically, you’ll see that they are atrocious and no parent would buy them. (I should note that my daughter photographs well, so how you got a picture that horrific raises some concerns.)

I have heard your requests for me to either return or purchase the hideous pictures and I politely say “No, thank you.” Just because you chose to take my child’s picture contrary to my request and print the most expensive package you offer does not mean you get unfettered access to my checkbook. I suggest reconsidering your practices for next year. While you insist that I am the first parent to have this issue, I find that hard to believe and will continue to stand up for those parents who didn’t opt for this battle. They were probably far too tired from fending off never-ending requests to purchase some other over-priced, lame memento of elementary school.

Chilly Regards,
The Kid’s Mom

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