Mean, Green, Burning Machine

Yes – The smoke detector in the basement requires occasional recharging.

Yes – It is indeed part of the light fixture and is recharged by leaving the light on for an extended period of time.

No – There is nothing else in the house that’s charged by leaving on lights, so it’s just wasteful to leave the hall, stair, kitchen, and bedroom lights on when no one’s around.

I may have turned into “one of THOSE people” (OOTP), but this is purely a money thing (with some OCD thrown in for good measure). Anyone who disagrees can either start running in a wheel to offset the energy consumption of the house or turn off the lights when leaving the room!

Except the one in the basement. I’d like ample warning if the house is about to burn down.

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2 Comments on “Mean, Green, Burning Machine”

  1. Mom Says:

    I know you. It’s actually CDO because you have to have the letters in the appropriate order.

  2. V Says:

    And that comment really says it all! I’m ROFL.

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