Seed Money For Peace of Mind

I’ve been informed that no matter how poor one might be, economically speaking, rolling pennies is a waste of time. I’ll have you all know that I find value in such activities, not for the monetary value, but because it’s a cathartic activity.

Until recently, I rolled my saved change regularly to deposit into savings. Since my bank will no longer accept my rolled change, I’ll have to find another activity offering mind-numbing stress relief.  Since I also enjoy shelling peas for the same effect, I’m guessing I’ll be preparing more recipes including peas. Peas don’t leave my hands smelling of metal so I guess there is that added benefit . . . although, if smell was an issue, I would have taken up shelling vanilla seeds instead.

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4 Comments on “Seed Money For Peace of Mind”

  1. Matt Says:

    There are two type of people – those that destroy (increase chaos) for stress relief, and those that build (decrease chaos) for stress relief. You and I are both builders. When I get upset, I clean. It’s weird, I know. There has not been a Dust Bunny born that can hide from my wrath.

    • Christy Says:

      1. That’s absolutely priceless! I’d never heard this perspective, but you’re right. I clean and organize when I’m stressed. When it gets bad, I go into compulsive list-making mode. I always thought it was so I could see and document my progress (and that may be a part of it), but it also has an inherent stress-reducing component.

      2. In Jim Henson’s world, this would make us Doozers and the opposites would be Fraggles. Can I have a little yellow hard hat?

      3. Dust bunnies aren’t actually “born.”

      4. What did they ever do to deserve your wrath?!

      5. Did I just make a list??

      • Matt Says:

        I imagine there’s some element of putting order to your environment making you feel more in control, and thus less stressful. The few times in my past where I’ve broken something out of frustration, it made me feel far worse. So I make lists, clean up, iron, build models, organize books, whatever. And after I’m done I feel much better. I guess I’m a Doozer (never made that connection before).

        And for the Dust Bunnies – WHERE DO THEY COME FROM THEN?!? I think they exist to tease my cat.

  2. Six Says:

    I have an idea what you can do with your free time… blog 😉

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