Holiday Inn Express?

Saw an interesting article today that really made me think. Take a moment to read it and then continue.

Man Uses Steak Knife to Perform Tracheotomy — On Himself

Had this been me, I’d have come down the stairs, tripped on the cat, blinded myself with the kitchen light, dug in the drawer to find a knife only to realize they are all in the dishwasher which of course hasn’t been run leaving them all covered in steak bits (should I wash it?) before I finally collapsed only to be found on the kitchen floor the next morning with both cats laying on/near me (only because they can see the bottom of the food bowl – it’s not love).

What’s the bet The Kid would just step over me while making her bowl of cereal?

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One Comment on “Holiday Inn Express?”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    wow. just wow…

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