Six Issues With Crappy Music

OK, people. I think one fundamental principle behind the last post was missed. There was to be NO judging. I have received a number of comments (I’m curious as to why it shows only 1 posted, as I received responses in a variety of formats.  *Save for future rant).

Please allow me to clarify:

  1. The basic premise of the post was the fact that I fully understand these are songs I should NOT like or sing/hum without end either in my head or aloud.
  2. I also recognize that, even though I occasionally have the songs stuck in my head, I enjoy the songs.
  3. A sane individual would not publicly admit to liking these songs.
  4. I put myself out there as the first to admit to something potentially humiliating.
  5. I specifically offered a forum to share such afflictions (specifically, the liking of commonly accepted bad songs) without threat of judgment or public flogging.
  6. Air Supply was an 80’s band (even though they are again touring) and for that reason is exempt from judgment.

So there are my “six” issues. (Any link to the fact that my only comment ON the actual POST is purely coincidental. Really. It is. Not buying it?)

Let me also tell you that I’ve glimpsed the musical tastes of ‘Others Who Shall Remain Nameless’ and think that the classification of music as “Crap” is, more often than not, completely inaccurate. I would also like to point out that the radio or just simply individually overplaying songs can lead to the “crap” classification of a song. Few songs are able to withstand the treatment of the radio. I tend to adore those songs that are underplayed or not at all played on the radio. They sometimes take me an extra listening or two to adopt, but that can turn out to be well worth the price. As a side benefit, I have the ability to tie a song to just about any situation (PC or not).

All that being said, I still welcome comments and encourage you all to take the opportunity to publicly proclaim those songs you like that you know you probably shouldn’t. Take this as an offering of support from an audience that probably already has that song in a frequently used iPod playlist. As much as you may want to be alone here, you aren’t.

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3 Comments on “Six Issues With Crappy Music”

  1. Five + One Says:

    I keep my stance on judging Fergie (note this is not flogging), but I do offer my apology in doing so publicly.

    Although Air Supply “technically” is an 80’s pop band, I also keep my stance on it being particularly embarrassing to admit a slight obsession with them… so they have to be separate from the standard “most 80’s pop” category.

    Alas, since I’ve been called out, here is a sampling of ‘six’ songs on the 100% pure crap list that I fully admit is crap, but I still love:
    1) Unbelievable: EMF
    2) I Love a Rainy Night: Eddie Rabbit
    3) Queen of Hearts: Juice Newton
    4) Angel of the Morning: Juice Newton
    5) Lady: Kenny Rogers
    6) I’m too sexy: Right Said Fred

  2. Christy Says:

    Nah – no apology necessary. Fergie may well warrant a flogging (I’m referring to me liking her song and not her being in need of a flogging – 2 entirely separate and accurate statements.) I still stand by the fact that I like the song and don’t much mind that I do. I will, however, submit that it may have something to do with my first listen to it. I watched the video online and was somewhat excited and disappointed that the video also included “Peter Petrelli” from Heroes. Technically, it was just the same actor, but I enjoy his character in the show so the bias may have carried to Fergie’s song. The fact that the song is pretty catchy on its own only lends to my enjoyment.

    The British accent in Unbelievable negates and “crap” classification. It’s another one of those songs that just catchy!

  3. V Says:

    OK, big one here, but recently they’ve been overplaying a song so much that I think I *almost* enjoy it. Justin Timberlake, Sexy Back or Bringing Sexy Back or whatever it’s called. Note, I did not buy this song, do not have it on my ipod, and only hear it on the radio when channel surfing.

    Fergie? Like the popular songs, but not the rest of the cd.

    EMF? Awesome choice.

    Ah, remembering the days……..

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