Can you spare a little change?

Recently, a road I use daily on my commute to work installed a 4-way stop at an intersection fraught with problems. It’s been there now for several months and causes delays both coming in the morning and going in the evening, but I’m most frustrated by the other drivers I encounter here.

I’ve been watching closely and determined the pattern. In the evening, the traffic obeys the rules of the 4-way stop, taking turns and yielding to the vehicle to the right. On the morning commute, however, vehicles do NOT adhere to the traffic rules. There are always complete stops, but we instead yield to the left. Occasionally, I attempt to restore order by taking my rightful turn. This probably angers the vehicle to my left (though I’ve never been honked at) and I wonder if my attempts are at all fruitful. Do the remaining cars commence yielding to the right? If so, am I the reason the evening traffic is “in order”?

Today, as I came upon my turn at the stop sign, I decided not to buck the system. As I passed through on my (wrongful) turn, I was reminded of the Gandhi quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” and for a brief moment, regretted my decision to go with the flow. Guilt quickly passed as I realized I was running a bit behind because I took the time to vote before work. Today, I’ll settle for participating in the selection of a presidential candidate — battle with the stop sign can resume tomorrow. Too much change in one day isn’t always good.

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4 Comments on “Can you spare a little change?”

  1. 606 Says:

    Actually, the yielding to the left in the morning and to the right in the evening is completely consistent with solar laws. Humans yield to the left from midnight to noon, and to the right from noon to midnight, not because they want to, but because that is the way the pull of the sun tells them too. It’s kind of like tides, which are controlled by the moon. And of course, all of this is in reverse in the southern hemisphere. In the slower paced days of horse-drawn vehicles, this sorted itself easily, but with faster moving cars and the proliferation of traffic lights, humans have lost touch with solar forces. Sad, really.

    Quoting Gandhi is very touching. That particular quote seems almost Obama-esque. Or Obamian. Or Baracky. Whatever.

  2. six Says:

    didn’t you have an entry about a guy who doesn’t know that he needed to learn social skills? enjoy the weekend

  3. Christy Says:

    Solar forces and comparisons to democrats on a Friday. It MUST be a full moon.

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