Martha Won’t Be Joining Us

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and I’m totally stoked about it! Really, I am!  But just to be sure expectations aren’t set too high for my guests (and yours, if you’re also hosting), I suggest the following as mandatory reading for all guests prior to arrival (thanks to Six for sharing, again). It should help take some of the surprise out of the day and maybe even offer unsuspecting guests a glimpse into what’s actually required to pull off Thanksgiving.

Thank you all for stopping by. I hope your holiday is memorable – whether those memories are relaxing or fodder for cautionary tales to tell your kids years from now is up to you.  😀

Martha Won’t Be Joining Us

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2 Comments on “Martha Won’t Be Joining Us”

  1. sixofclubs Says:

    hee hee hee… I love this every time I read it. Have a great turkey day!

  2. […] few years ago, I advised that Martha would not be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, I share with you another gem that explores the wonder that is the Williams-Sonoma […]

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