Never trust a hedgeog to hold your “dibs”

Posted November 14, 2013 by Christy
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There’s a spot in our front entryway where the sun hits perfectly mid-morning. It’s coveted by everyone in the house, both feline and canine, so we laid down an old bed and blanket. The spot (“The Best Spot of the Morning”) is big enough for all 3 cats to lounge with no problem. Unfortunately, Twila has discovered the spot and a silent, passive-aggressive war is being waged (but only for a few hours every day).

As you see, Twila made it to The Best Spot of the Morning first on this particular day. For the next few hours, cats came and went, giving fierce stares.


And the famed “cat back,” clearly conveying disapproval. (There may have also been a cat nap involved, but we won’t judge. Even the best of soldiers gets tired at some point.) Twila stood firm. Or, more accurately, lounged intently, while terrified, but comfortable in the morning sun she so proudly claimed.


The battle had been fought and won that day. But, oh no, this would not be the end of the war. The next day, George made it to the coveted Best Spot of the Morning before Twila could claim her position. There was much pacing and obvious upset from the greyhound who finally decided she would try to take what was rightfully hers. Without upsetting the terrifying cat, of course. As cats often do, George just held her ground. And napped. Unfazed at having to share her space with the enemy (she’s old and uninterested in being bothered by such things).


Days later, Twila has devised a plan! It’s a GREAT plan! THE BEST of plans to thwart those pesky cats and claim The Best Spot of the Morning once and for all! She called DIBS! And she did so in a way only a greyhound could. She enlisted her all-time favorite hedgehog to claim her place. Sure, his grunter doesn’t work anymore and he’s missing the toes on one of his feet from battles hard-faught, but he was up for this challenge. His greyhound needed him and he wasn’t going to let her down!


Except, well, he’s a stuffed hedgehog, and he’s not even the jumbo one. That cat didn’t care one iota.


Nor did the other cats, as you can see. All morning long, cats came and went to share The Best Spot of the Morning with a cute little hedgehog. Because, you see, there’s plenty of room to lounge when you’re a cat or a battle-worn hedgehog (a hedgehog who surely now understands the appeal of The Best Spot of the Morning). When you’re a sad, dejected greyhound who finally has to concede to another battle lost, the most you can do is collapse in the hallway, occasionally gazing sadly at The Best Spot of the Morning.


Sweet (& Savory) Dreams

Posted November 16, 2012 by Christy
Categories: Ponderings

My nightmare last night involved not being able to find the Williams-Sonoma where I was supposed to pick up my Thanksgiving turkey. By the time I finished calling every store in the area, it was 4pm on Thanksgiving day, people were supposed to be arriving for dinner, and I was still rummaging through store shelves trying to find the most defrosted turkey legs while contemplating how much bacon grease to use when basting since there was no time left to brine.

I am INCREDIBLY grateful (and my family should be happy to know) that in real life, the turkeys for Thanksgiving were ordered last weekend (though I’m still waiting on confirmation when & where exact pick-up will be), there will be ample time to brine (fridge space is up for debate), and there is NO need for me to begin stockpiling bacon grease to baste the turkey. (Who does that? Why would my mind even go there??)

On second thought, bacon-basting might be an interesting idea. . .

Holiday Ideas for the Financially Well-Endowed

Posted November 15, 2012 by Christy
Categories: Wanderings

A few years ago, I advised that Martha would not be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, I share with you another gem that explores the wonder that is the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog. Please enjoy the article and the often equally brilliant comments. I will now go check on my order for designer Thanksgiving turkeys.

The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

(Disclaimer – I own the Ebelskiver pan because it was given to me as a gift. It’s pretty freaking cool. I’ve repurchased several varieties of their Ebelskiver mix even though normal pancake mix would probably work equally well. I’ve seriously considered the croissants, but passed due to the mind-boggling cost. Same goes for the chocolate sampler. If you buy me the chicken coop, I probably wouldn’t get upset.)

Gratitude Challenge – Day 10

Posted November 10, 2012 by Christy
Categories: Ponderings

Let’s hear it for days off! Can I get a whoop whoop? Yeah, yeah. I know I missed yesterday, but maybe it was on purpose (it wasn’t). You know, to show you how grateful I am for people who don’t mind when others take a day off (either that or I was just dead beat by the end of the day & week and got around to bed before I got around to posting). And today, I’m excited to be only 1 day in to a long weekend. There is much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving and a 3 day weekend is much appreciated. Plus, taking an extra day off from the usual routine does wonders for the soul. The end of the year is coming and things are going to start getting hectic. Even if you can’t take and entire day off, do yourself a favor and take a few hours to be unscheduled. You’ll be glad you did!

Gratitude – Day 8

Posted November 8, 2012 by Christy
Categories: Ponderings

It’s must-see Thursday TV. Specifically, Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy. There are few things more perfect in life than the enjoyment of escaping into unreality after a long day’s work. Now quiet down – the show’s on!

Gratitude Challenge – Day 7

Posted November 7, 2012 by Christy
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So apparently, we have a Nor’easter heading this way. For those of you not from around the “nor-east,” this means the weathermen have themselves all in a tizzy, predicting freaky cold temperatures and exorbitant snowfall that will likely never materialize because it gets stuck in the mountains. This happens frequently, yet they still get excited. It’s like a little kid seeing the “Free Puppies” sign at the market knowing full-well that his parents will never in a million years let him have one, but still he begs and cries, and oohs and ahhs.

What we will get is cold. Very cold. And we might see a flurry. Three, if we’re really lucky. And The Kid will wish with all her might that school will be closed tomorrow, or at least delayed. (Neither will happen, but I’ll let the weather dash her hopes. I prefer using chores to crush her spirit. At least that’s what she would tell you.)

But I digress. All of this brings me to my reason to be grateful today. You see, I had to go downtown for work which means driving to the metro station, walking outside to the train, then walking several blocks to the building where my meeting was held, and then doing the exact same in reverse. And it was COLD (like 40 degrees, which is half as many degrees as I generally prefer). Especially cold with the biting wind. And I can’t stand to be cold.

As I was in my car leaving on my last leg home, I noticed all the construction workers busing digging, and shoveling, and carrying heavy things. In the COLD. In that moment, I was ever so grateful to have a job in a climate-controlled office. I am grateful for the ability to add onto that a space-heater under my desk to keep extra toasty on days like today and the colder ones yet to come.

If you’re warm and you haven’t already done your challenge for the day (and even if you have), take a moment to be grateful for the all those who work tirelessly, year-round, regardless of the weather conditions to keep society running. They are truly unsung heroes. There aren’t enough scarves, fuzzy socks, and butt-warmers in the world to get me to do those jobs in the cold. I’ll think of them as I enjoy my roasted chicken tonight and hope they have the same waiting when they get home tonight. And you, too!

Gratitude Challenge – Day 6

Posted November 6, 2012 by Christy
Categories: Ponderings

Today, it’s the ‘Like’ button. Think about it – there are few things better than being able to wander the Internet offering a thumbs-up for just about anything. I love the concept of a visual proclamation of approval. How did we survive before we were able to both give and receive virtual acceptance on the most random and (often) mundane of fleeting thoughts or discoveries? It’s like the gold star we’ve had to do without since kindergarten. Though, unlike those coveted gold stars, we don’t yet have the ability to hang those ‘Likes’ on the fridge. Google really should get on that if they want any hope of taking back the Internet.


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